Maidan Chronicles. Evening January 22 - night January 23 (constantly updated)

Wednesday evening.

19.15 - On the Hrushevskoho Street, near the Colonnade of Lobanovsky Stadium, all the barricades are on fire. On the second Maidan barricade, at Evropeiska St., militant leaders ask people to move away. They try to lead away the women.

Law enforcers moved armored personnel carriers to the first barricade. Starting 16.00, they are allowed to use water cannons to disperse people.

19.45 - Below burning barricade at Hrushevskoho St., the protesters erect another barricade, closer to the European Square, opposite the National Library. For barricades, EuroMaidan protesters use paving from Hreschatyk Street. Activists also use metal shields as sleds for shuttling of heavy concrete blocks, concrete garbage cans and large street-size flowerpots to the barricades. The barricades are being reinforced using all means at hand, including wooden doors, remains of metal fences, tires.

20.50 - There are four barricades on the European Square, in total, facing the Hrushevskoho Street. Protesters use stacked tires as one of the barricades - in the case of assault, it will be set on fire. For the main barricade, representatives of AutoMaidan dump concrete billboard slabs from nearby areas.

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