EuroMaidan stripped of its Treasury - accounts arrested

Authorities arrested accounts of non-governmental organizations “Socially Responsible Society” and “Kiev Residents - for Reform”, which were raising money for the needs of EuroMaidan and AutoMaidan.

The accounts were arrested under the lawsuit of Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine on the damages caused to the House of Trade Unions and the October Palace.

Authorities also arrested all movable and immovable property of EuroMaidan Coordinators inside the captured buildings. The list includes People's Deputies Sergei Pashinsky, Arsen Avakov, Valeri Patskan, Sergei Averchenko, Stepan Kubiva, as well as AutoMaidan leader Dmitry Bulatov.

If the claim of Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine is satisfied, the arrested property (several cars, land plots, apartments) will be transferred to Trade Unions’ ownership.

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