The Cabinet of Ministers authorized the use of water cannons at a frost temperature

The Cabinet of Ministers removed the restriction on the use of water cannons at minus temperature, also allowing to use additional means of restraint.

The decisions were taken today, January 22, and published on the government portal.

The Ukrainian government introduced amendments to paragraph 16 of the Rules for use of special means of restraint during protection of public order.

“Water cannons used by police officers for combating riots and group violations of public order, for holding off attacks on buildings, premises, facilities and vehicles regardless of their identity, for protection of citizens and self-protection from attacks and other acts that endanger their lives, health, housing or property," reads the new edition of the Rules.

The CM authorized the police to use hand smoke grenades and gas grenades "Drift 2”, stun grenades "Dawn-2", “Torch-S", "Flame-M."

The Cabinet also allowed the police to temporarily restrict the movement of vehicles on the streets and territories, as well as temporarily restrict citizens' access to certain areas or objects in the case of available information on possible violations of public order.

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