158 schools are on holidays in Lugansk region due to bad weather

158 schools of Lugansk region suspended teaching process due to severe weather, reported the press service of the Lugansk Regional State Administration.

As of January 21, the training process is suspended in Bryanka, Anthracit, as well as in Antratcit, Belovodskiy, Belokurakinskiy, Melovsky, Novopskovsky, Svatovsky, Troitsky, Markovsky, Starobelsky and Novoaidarsky regions.

20 schools suspended studies for primary schools (grades 1-4, 1,508 students), while 138 schools of the region have shut down entirely (grades 1-11, 15,104 students).

Local authorities may temporarily suspend the student education entirely, notes Department of Education of Lugansk Regional Administration. For this, outside temperature must drop to -20 degrees Celsius (for primary school students) or to -24 degrees (for students of 5-11 grades).

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