D. Svyatash: the laws in Verkhovna Rada were adopted without violations

On January 22 the people's deputy of Ukraine Dmitry Svyatash during the plenary session of Kharkov Regional Council declared that the laws that were adopted by Verkhovna Rada on January 16 during the last session, were submitted in accordance with the rules of procedure, considered by the corresponding committees and bought up to vote on time.

He noted that the adopted laws correspond to similar laws in the countries with developed democracy: "As soon as we adopted the laws, the regular information attack began immediately. They were immediately called "anti-democratic". Herewith, practically all mass media picked up this wording, without even reading the contents of the laws and without making the comparative analysis with similar laws in the countries with developed democracy. If we have a look at the legislation of various countries we may see that, for example, in the United Kingdom the punishment for violation of order and holding of public meetings may range from a fine of 5,000 pounds to criminal responsibility (5 years incarceration) and in the USA the punishment is 10 years of incarceration. If in Germany a person approaches a police officer and addresses him in an inappropriate way, this is classified as an affront of a representative of the authorities and shall be punishable by a fine of 700 euros or up to one year of imprisonment. If someone is gesticulating in front of a police officer, this deed is punished by a fine of 1,000 euros or up to two years of imprisonment.

Therefore, when Western diplomats, representatives of the United States and European countries are telling us that there is a massive attack of the democracy, this is a lie. They know it very well and, nevertheless, continue to declare such a view. The adopted laws introduce Ukraine to the legal field, which is similar to the countries with developed democracy," Dmitry Svyatash stressed.

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