The Crimean deputies condemned the actions of political extremists

The deputies of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea during the extraordinary plenary meeting, held on January 22, adopted a statement About the Political Situation, in which they sharply condemned the actions of political extremists.

"Frenzied extremists, having captured the center of the capital and having fenced with barricades off the rest of the country, announced that laws have no effect on the seized by them territory. They raised a portrait of an accomplice of fascists Stepan Bandera (the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) over the facade of the Mayor's Office of the city-hero Kiev and used the same methods of combat: Molotov cocktails, strikes in the back, arsons, lynch law," the statement says.

According to the deputies, the fact that the Association Agreement with the EU was not signed by the President became a formal ground for the opposition to provoke mass disorders in the capital, which caused violence, chaos and devastation.

"In reality the traitors are those people, who provoked today escalation of violence in Kiev and in regions of the country. These political puppets, using the technology of "color" revolutions, are trying to deprive Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea of the future," is noted in the statement, "If this criminal scenario is implemented, the Crimea and its residents will face the threat of forceful Maidanization and of the loss of all the benefits of the autonomy and its status. We will be compelled to renounce the centuries-long common history with Russia, forget Russian language, live with the stigma "Jew", "Moskal" (the offensive word used to call a Russian), "alien" and betray the feat of our fathers and grandfathers, who won fascism, under the Nazi slogans.

On behalf of the residents of the Crimea the deputies of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea stated that the residents of the autonomy will never live in Ukraine of Bandera: "We are determined to protect the historical choice, made 23 years ago by the All-Crimean referendum regarding the issue of re-establishing of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea!"

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