The budget of Kharkov city for 2014 was approved

Today, on January 22, the deputies of Kharkov City Council approved the budget of Kharkov for 2014. 75 people's deputies voted for the appropriate decision and 7 abstained from voting.

According to the Department of Budget and Finance, the total amount of income of the city budget is set at the level of 6,929.7 million UAH, including the subsidy from the state budget in the amount of 78.7 million UAH, subventions from the state budget in the amount of 1,567.2 million UAH. The amount of income of the general fund of the budget is 4,865.5 million UAH, of the special fund of the budget - 2,064.2 million UAH, including the development budget - 1,797.6 million UAH.

The total amount of expenditures of the budget of Kharkov is set at the level of 6,635.7 million UAH.

According to the deputy city mayor, the head of the Department of Budget and Finance Tatiana Taukesheva, thanks to the cooperation of the leaders of the city with the people's deputies of the inter group association "For Kharkov! For Slobozhanshchina!" it became possible to save 81 million UAH for Kharkov in the process of forming of the state budget 2014. In particular, the city will receive 19.4 million UAH of additional subsidy to compensate the losses suffered as a result of providing public benefits for the payment of land tax by entities of space activities and plane construction, subvention in the amount of 51.5 million UAH for the construction and renovation, repairs and the maintenance of the roads, 10 million UAH for the socio-economic development.

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