Kharkov Regional Council adopted a statement regarding the political situation in the country

Today, on January 22, the deputies of Kharkov regional council during the session supported the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and adopted a statement regarding the political dialog and stabilization of the situation in the country.

During the session the head of Kharkov regional council Sergey Chernov reported that the residents of Kharkov were very concerned with the recent events happening in Kiev, which were beyond the boundaries of a peaceful protest.

"The arsons in the capital cannot be considered peaceful protests, about which the politicians from the opposition declared. These events only separate us from dreams, that our country would be strong, stable and developed. Public confrontations, violations of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine need to be stopped," Sergey Chernov said.

In particular, the statement, says: "Kharkov Regional Council expresses its support of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and strongly calls on all the political forces of the country, social movements and organizations to the political dialog, to stop the sliding of the country into the abyss of civil war, in which there are no winners. It is never too late to sit down at the negotiating table, to find mutual understanding. All of us are responsible before the future generations and should find a compromise for the future of the United Ukrainian State."

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