The guy from Dnepropetrovsk fell victim of unknown shooter

A young man, who was shot in Hrushevskogo Street, is a 20-year-old Sergey Nigonyan.

According to the periodical Ukrainian Truth, he was an active participant of Euromaidan and a member of self-defense.

Nigonyan received one gunshot wound into the neck, one into the head. The type of bullets that were used will be known only after the autopsy, although some witnesses claim that the shots were made with the small steel balls. The witnesses wrote about it in the social networks.

According to official data, national security does not use firearms in Hrushevskogo Street. The internal troops do not have weapons, which would fire small steel balls, in their inventory.

The news agency Kharkov got to know from untrustworthy sources that Nigonyan was the man, who sprayed the fire extinguisher into the face of one of the leaders of the opposition Vitaliy Klichko on January 19.

There is also information that one more protester died in the heart of Kiev as a result of gunshot wound of the chest. The Ukrainian Truth informs that the young man aged 20-25 years was shot dead; he was injured in the chest in the area of the heart.

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