Crimean Tatars ask the President to establish order in the country

Crimean NGO "Sebat" urged the Ukrainian authorities to take measures to restore order in the country.

NGO members made an open appeal to the President and the Government of Ukraine, expressing their deep resentment of "riots, organized in Kiev by the opposition forces and supported by some politicians and the US and the EU organizations."

“We, with over 20 years of experience in social activities, hundreds of peaceful protests, pickets and demonstrations, with all the responsibility state that what is happening today in Kiev has nothing to do with peaceful rallies, protection of the rights of citizens, or the principles of democracy, declared by the Western world,” reads the statement. “We demand to protect our right to freedom of being in public places without the threat of being beaten by radicals and fascist elements. We demand to protect us and our children from the brown plague of extremism and radicalism, which seethes from EuroMaidan over Ukraine.”

“Why rights of the majority of citizens of Ukraine and brazenly and unceremoniously flouted by bunch of bandits, the opposition and Western politicians? Why are they granted impunity and permissiveness?" ask the members of the organization.

The NGO says that if necessary, they are “ready to gather all the people to defend Ukraine from opposition bandits and their foreign ring-leaders.”

“We are ready to support the Government and the President of Ukraine to establish order in the country. But we, ordinary citizens of Ukraine, can only help the government - we are not allowed to begin active operations ourselves," they add.

Authors of the appeal also troubled by the fact that the army and police, which exist on taxes of Ukrainians, “do not protect the life and safety of civilians from the opposition fighters”.

In this respect, "Sebat" demanded the government and the President to protect the right of its members to live in peace, “by applying against the bandits the security forces within the current legislation of Ukraine”.

“We demand the army and law enforcement agencies to do their duty to protect the constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens and our most important right - the right to live in peace,” concludes the statement.

"Sebat" is an NGO of the Crimean Tatars who are in opposition to the Majlis, illegal ethnic parliament of Crimean Tatars.

In turn, the Majlis, as is known, supported EuroMaidan and denounced the position of "Sebat".

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