Kiev center turns into a ghetto

Kiev resident living in the midst of protests near the European Square, Museum Lane, fear for their lives and either do not leave the house or go outside of town. Parliamentary Library and the National Art Museum of Ukraine, located in the center of Kiev, are closed due to protest actions. "We live, like on the front line. Constantly hear explosions of stun grenades and howling alarms of cars in the yard. The apartment is full of the smell of burning fires - I cannot ventilate the rooms. I am tired of drinking pills for heartache. But I am forced to endure this mess because I cannot go anywhere. By the way, some neighbors went to the dachas. Away from this nightmare,” complains pensioner Valentina Petrovna, a resident at Museum Lane 8, to the “Today” newspaper.

Her neighbor says that until the confrontation is over, she will not leave the house.

“My granddaughters brought supplies for a whole week. So I will not go outside to the street. I'm scared, there is shooting and solid ice - water flooded the entire street, and I am old," says Olga Dmitrievna.

Residents complain that their once prestigious area since December turned into a ghetto. At the epicenter of the clashes there are several institutions, archives and the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The museum is closed the third day, riot police is based near its premises.

“On Sunday, we worked normally, but after 14:00 we had to close because of the protests. At the moment, the museum does not work. The building is not damaged; all the windows and exhibits are intact. But the situation could change at any moment. We urge the parties to refrain from actions that might intentionally or accidentally harm the museum building. We will begin working after the protests," said Yuliya Vaganova, deputy director of the museum.

National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine (1, Hrushevskoho St.) is also closed to visitors. Wires leading to the building were damaged during street fights. During the daytime, the library had no Internet or telephone landline connection.

“The regime of library work in the coming days is still unknown," says the library staff.

Also endangered are two monuments that are located in the midst of clashes - to Viacheslav Chornovil and Valery Lobanovsky. They have been covered with canvas cloth, however, they were hit with stones.

“Soon, we will check their condition. I think the repair will be required," Yakov Dikhtyar, the head of Kiev Cultural Heritage Protection.

In turn, Kiev City Administration intends to appeal to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine with a request to identify the attackers who damaged cobblestones on Hrushevskoho Street in clashes with police.

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