Ukrainian Jews scared of pogroms

Centre of religious Zionism "In memory of Shlomo Nativ" published its appeal to Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine.

“Regretfully, the blood was spilled,” say the authors of the appeal. “In the beginning, in Kiev’s Podol borough, the Nationalists severely beaten Israeli citizen Hillel Wertheimer, envoy of the Ministry of Education of Israel; on Friday January 17 near the Podol synagogue at Schekavitska St., Dov Ber Glickman, decent and law-abiding religious person was seriously injured. These two cases have become known only because both men occupied a relatively prominent position,” reads the appeal.

"Nationalists attack Jews, and rampant neo-Nazism in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities threatens our people again. Ukrainian Jewish community is intimidated and is in a state of panic. Emergence of Islamists, the closest allies of Ukrainian Nationalists, in the ranks of “Euro-integrators” threatens to grow into a genocide. We have a mandate from the political leadership to urge supporters of Jewish Fighting Organization and the nearest ideological allies in Ukraine to mobilize. What happened is what we talked about from the beginning of the events in Kiev, but nobody heard us. We know that the paramilitaries are prohibited, but it is our duty to future generations and the Almighty, to protect our families, our elderly, women and children. Do not let the Holocaust happen again,” says the statement.

The authors of the appeal see the main objectives of the newly formed "Jewish Fighting Organization" in organisation of autonomous cells led by individuals with experience of military service, law enforcement or security services, in curbing the activities of Jewish collaborators and those from the Jewish organizations, educational institutions and synagogues who cooperate with the Nazis, as well as in coordination with law enforcement agencies and allied internationalist organizations.

Community emphasizes that it “does not have access to public funds and appeals to supporters in Israel asking for financial assistance in organising this”.

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