The opposition has no support either in the west or in the east of the country - Kernes

Kharkov Mayor Gennadiy Kernes expressed his opinion about Kiev standoff talking live to Russian TV channel “Dozhd” on January 21.

“The opposition now has no support either in the west or the east of the country, this much is obvious. Klitchko, Yatsenyuk and Tyahnibok cannot agree among themselves, their word means nothing to those who could have entrusted them with the high right of being the leaders. The police faces flying stones, "Molotov cocktails", and the opposition cannot stop it, moreover, people charge at these "leaders" with his fists," said the mayor of Kharkov.

He is confident that the opposition will not be able to divide Ukraine: "Attempts to divide the country is one way to cover up the failure of those who lost people's trust and are now looking for the guilty party."

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