The Right Sector asks the Ukrainians to bring chains, hooks, axes and pneumatics - "everything that could be used for fights"

The Right Sector that organized pogroms in Hrushevskogo Street in Kiev asks the Ukrainians to bring anything available for the fights with the law enforcement officers.

The lists of the needed things are published on the official web page of the Right Sector in the net. In particular, radicals need the following items: slingshots and slings, bearings or steel balls 1 cm in diameter, gasoline, foam plastic, oil, acetone, ammonia, glass bottles, chains, large hooks, or sticks with hooks, hammers and axes, pyrotechnics, nails, shrapnel, etc.

"You may make everything, which may be used for the fights!!" ultra-nationalists write.

Moreover, the activists of the Right Sector ask to bring weapons to Hrushevskogo Street.

"Residents of Kiev! Anyone who has pneumatic weapons (pistols or rifles), bring it to Hrushevskogo Street. We will arrange the shooting-range. We will respond symmetrically. If someone has rifles with the initial projectile speed of 300 meters per second and more it will be perfect. But even old Izhevsk rifles with the speed of 105 meters per second will be useful. You may bring disassembled rifles. If you can donate then donate. If you cannot donate, you may organize the sports competitions yourself," they write.

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