There are two victims of the clashes in Hrushevskogo Street

Two protesters died. One of them fell from the roof of the stadium. The second one died from a shot of self-made weapons or of a hunting rifle.

UNIAN news agency reported that two deaths among the protesters were registered today at night.

The first victim was a 22-year-old guy, who fell from the colonnade over the gates of the stadium named after Lobanovskiy. From that place the protesters threw Molotov cocktails into the police. The guy died in the emergency care hospital, to which he was delivered after the fall from the height.

The second man died in the first-aid post of Maidan. He received 4 gunshot wounds. According to the preliminary information, he was shot with self-made weapons or with hunting weapons with bird shot.

According to the doctors of Euromaidan, the man died at approximately 6:00 a.m. The police and the coroner arrived to the first-aid post, where the body was located.

The names of the victims are being ascertained.

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