Odessa Regional Council deputies appealed to the President demanding to restore order in the country

Party of Regions deputies from Odessa Regional Council appealed to the President of Ukraine to take strict measures to the members of riots in Kiev.

"Every citizen of Ukraine has the right to peaceful protest. Nobody can restrict this right. But all the actions of demonstrators should be held in line with the law, not crossing the border between peaceful protest and crime. This line was crossed in Kiev on January 19. Cynically, on the great day of the Orthodox Epiphany, the citizens who publicly call themselves peaceful protesters and activists have come to Hrushevskoho Street with a clear aim to use force, to organize riots, to shed blood," reads the statement.

According to the deputies, the actions of members of radical street protest mean an attempt to a coup; the deputies demanded the President to prosecute the organizers and members of the riots.

"We appeal to the President of Ukraine as the guarantor of the Constitution with a request to take strict measures to restore order and law in the country," stressed the deputies in the statement.

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