Policies of militant extremists and nationalists must be eradicated at the legislative level - Kharkov regional governor

"The laws adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on January 16 are timely but somewhat lenient. The events of recent days have shown all the imperfections of national legislation," twitted Mikhail Dobkin, head of the Kharkov Regional State Administration, on January 21. “If we want to save the country, we must eradicate militant policies of extremists, nationalists and grant-eating NGOs at the legislative level," said the Governor of Kharkov region.

On January 16, Ukrainian parliament adopted 10 laws, including a law that introduced criminal liability for libel, extremist activities and intervention in the information resources of public authorities; the law also toughened criminal responsibility for the riots, blocking and capture of the buildings.

Most of the documents were approved without debate, by a show of hands. Opposition representatives brushed off the laws, saying that they were adopted in violation of the Rules. The Party of Regions, in turn, said that the opposition prevented the normal vote.

Many international human rights organizations and western politicians urged the Ukrainian president not to sign the laws, but Viktor Yanukovych put his pen to the paper on January 17. After that, the opposition appealed all 10 laws in the Supreme Administrative Court.

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