The barricades between the protesters and the police are on fire in Hrushevskogo Street

The clash in Hrushevskogo Street is ongoing. The catapult was built, which the participants of the protest load with Molotov cocktails (the set on fire glass bottles with flammable liquid). The tree, which was on the border between the fighting parties, was hit by the fragment of Molotov cocktail, and as a result the tree got inflamed. On the side of the national security there are shots with rubber bullets and explosions, provoked by usage of the flash bang grenades.

The white minibus of Batkivshchyna arrived to the place of the clash to destroy the defense of Berkut. And meanwhile a firework exploded in Hrushevskogo Street. Because of the smoke and explosions the struggle in the heart of Kiev is going on practically blindly.

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