G. Kernes: the opposition hides its failure behind the actions of the crowd

According to the statement of the city mayor, which was published on January 20 on the official website of Kharkov City Council, Kharkov city head Gennady Kernes expressed his opinion about the events that have been happening during the recent days in Kiev and called on the leaders of the territorial communities "to confirm their position and intentions regarding the developments in the country".

Gennady Kernes criticized the actions of the opposition in his statement: "The events that take place today in Kiev are another manifestation of impunity, indifference and cynical deception on the part of the leaders of the opposition Oleg Tyagnybok, Arseniy Yatsenyk and Vitaly Klichko, who conceal their failure behind the radical actions of the crowd. Having gathered several thousands of aggressively set people, they conduct the operations against the legitimately elected government and against the majority of the population of Ukraine, not thinking about the consequences.

As a result of the events that happened on the day of one of the main Christian holidays - Epiphany - in Kiev, dozens of people were injured,  the property of the law enforcement authorities and of the community was damaged, public order not only in the capital, but also in the regions was violated."

Kharkov mayor noted that the actions of the opposition undermine the integrity and destabilize the life of the country. He called on heads of towns, settlements and villages to assess the ongoing events, support the President and legitimate government and protect the rights and interests of the residents of Ukraine.

"On January 22 the special session of the city council will take place in Kharkov, during which we will require to stop the violence against the law enforcement authorities, stop seizure of the buildings and damage to the property, we will require to stop intimidating the country," G. Kernes stated.

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