The journalist, who was buying petrol in cans, detained

Today the police detained Vladimir Karagyaur, operator of Spіlnobachennya TV, on suspicion of supplying petrol to Hrushevskoho Street for creation of hand-made explosives. He was accompanied by Alexei Markus’, executive director of the Kiev City Employers' Associations, and a lawyer Vladimir Markus’, who were also detained, informs Mikhail Zlyden, Attorney of Alexei Markus’.

The detainees are charged under Part 2 of Article 294 of the Criminal Code for participating in riots, and face 15 years' imprisonment.

Currently the three offenders are placed in detention center at 7 Kosogorny Avenue.

Clashes between protesters and police officers started on 19-20 January at the intersection of Hrushevskoho St. and Krepostny Lane. Protesters make and use the so-called "Molotov cocktails" (flammable liquid in glass bottles). The number of casualties on both sides reached dozens of injured.

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