Money are not taken from children with cancer

Statements by NGOs on reducing budget-funded treatment of children with cancer are unfounded, says Director of Economics and Resources at Ukraine’s Health Ministry Vladimir Duda.

The official added that NGOs could not name the source of their information or confirm it.

“This year’s funding for the treatment of children with oncology will not be less than last year,” said Vladimir Duda. In 2014, this program will receive UAH 175 million more than was specified in the 2013 Budget.

The representative of the Health Ministry said that the budget program "Provision of medical activities of individual state programs and integrated program activities", which was included in the draft State Budget for 2014, specifies more than 20 program areas such as HIV/AIDS, immunization, tuberculosis, cancer, paediatric oncology, etc.

Vladimir Duda also noted that additional funding for paediatric oncology treatment will be provided for by the Special Fund, to be filled from the proceeds of lottery sales, as prescribed by the relevant law. “The proceeds from lotteries come to the account of the State Treasury, afterwards they can be used exclusively for the treatment of paediatric oncology,” said the official.

The specialist noted that in 2013 the Special Fund provided more than UAH 220 million. “For example, by July 1 last year, transfers from the Special Fund amounted to about 100 million. All trends and analysis suggest that revenues from lotteries increase from year to year. "

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