Yanukovych was asked to impose a state of emergency in Kiev

The statement, addressed to the President, comes from the Party of Regions faction in Lugansk Regional Council. They argue that the Kiev rallies ceased to be peaceful back on January 19.

The People's Deputies expressed their position in the official statement posted on the site of the Lugansk Regional Council.

“EuroMaidan as peaceful protest ended on the evening of January 19, when the event degenerated into a violent confrontation, putting the country on the brink of civil war. Those who call themselves peaceful protesters and EuroMaidan activists, walked into the Hrushevskoho Street with quite a clear objective - to use force, to organize violent riots,” said the People's Deputy.

“Yesterday's clashes in Kiev were orchestrated and provoked by radicalized militants from nationalist organizations aiming at destruction of the authority in the state, at overthrowing the existing, legally elected government. We are convinced that these actions should be prosecuted, investigated, and all the ringleaders and militants must get the punishment prescribed by law," reads the statement.

The authors argue that there is an attempt of unconstitutional coup and the violent seizure of power: “The responsibility for the dramatic events that began in Kiev on January 19 should be not on only those who burned buses and threw stones at law enforcers, but also Klitchko, Yatsenyuk and Tyahnibok, who over the past few weeks brewed aggression and hysteria in people.”

The People's Deputies urged to prohibit the activity of “Svoboda” party and other extremist nationalist organizations in Ukraine.

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