EU does not impose sanctions against Ukrainian authorities

At The Brussels meeting, none of EU Foreign Ministers offered to impose sanctions for restriction of civil liberties in Ukraine.

This was stated by Radoslaw Sikorski, head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an interview with Polish journalists after the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the EU member states.

"This word has not yet sounded," he said, answering the question of UNIAN reporter. However, the Minister noted that the laws adopted on January 16 restrict civil rights of Ukrainians, do not meet European standards, and therefore should be revised.

Polish minister said that these laws move Ukraine away from the European integration.

He expressed confidence that at the next EU-Russia summit on January 28 EU leaders will discuss Ukraine and other eastern neighbors of the EU.

“I am convinced that the case of “Eastern Partnership” will be discussed during the EU-Russia summit, because the main message in the statements of ministers was that we want to have good relations with Russia, but not at the expense of common neighbors or pan-European issues,” noted Sikorski, stressing that in this context, the Ministers share the view of Poland and other Eastern European states.

The minister admitted that the EU did make some mistakes during the negotiations on association with Ukraine, noting that the inclusion of the EU membership prospect in the text of the document would have been “a great encouragement” for Ukrainians.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said that so far the EU is not considering sanctions against the Ukrainian government, noting though that such a tool may be used in the future.

The final document of the EU Foreign Ministers meeting calls on the Ukrainian authorities and the opposition to engage in the dialog to resolve the political crisis that continues for a second month. The crisis started when the authorities refused to sign the EU Association Agreement.

The Ministers reaffirmed their readiness to sign the document when Ukraine is be ready.

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