The January 16 Laws have been officially published in the electronic version of the "Golos Ukrainy" newspaper

The laws come into force next day after publication, that is, on January 22. They may be used to release some of the protesters. The publication also includes the 2014 Budget Act.

Act of relief from criminal responsibility for members of peaceful rally held from November 21 to December 26 also enters into force on the following day after publication and shall be executed within one month.

The Law No. 3879 on increased responsibility for participation in mass actions enters into force on the day following the publication, too.

The Law allowing criminal proceedings “in absentia” also comes into force on the day after the publication.

Law on Amendments to the Law "On the Judicial System and Status of Judges", drafted by deputies from the Party of Regions Volodymyr Oliynyk and Vadim Kolesnichenko shall enter into force on the day following the publication in the official press.

The newspaper has also published the law on 2014 State Budget and the law on VAT exemption for natural gas imports to Ukraine.

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