Kiev City State Administration intends to prohibit entrance of trucks to Kiev

According to the press-service of Kiev City State Administration, its deputy head Mikhail Kostyk informs that the authorities of Kiev intend to stop heavy vehicles at the approaches to Kiev in case of difficult traffic situations.

"We have information about possible snowfall, so even now we partially restrict the entry to Kiev. At the same time, at night near the patrols of the traffic police there will be our officer, who will assist the truck drivers in organizing escort to the city if necessary. We ask all the truck drivers to wait until the due road traffic will be organized," Kostyk informed.

He stated that, in case the emergency situation related to the weather conditions is announced, the practice of parking on the left or right side of the street will be implemented, which will be dependent on odd or even date of the month.

In particular, such practice will be implemented in 8 central streets of the capital: in Pushkin Street, in Tereshchenkov Street, in Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street (from Kotsybinsky Street to Vladimir Street), in Basseynaya Street (from Shelkovichnaya Street to Kruglouniversitetskaya Street), in Proreznaya Street (from Vladimir Street to Pushkin Street), as well as in Sofievskaya Street, Malaya Zhytomirskaya Street and in T.Shevchenko Street.

Kostyk also noted that the necessary road signs were already installed.

Kiev City State Administration reminded that, according to the forecast of Hydro Meteorological Center of Ukraine, difficult weather conditions, in particular, snow, snowstorms, blasts and icy conditions of roads are expected in Kiev.

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