Kharkov Regional Council calls on the opposition to remove the people from the streets and sit down at the negotiating table

"The forceful confrontation, which took place on January 19 in the streets of Kiev, evokes the utmost concern. I condemn any provocative actions, which have already led to the escalation of violence and threaten with further increase of violence, which is not needed either for the country or the society. In current situation the acceptable way out may be only the parliamentary solution of the conflict and the search of the ways to remove the contradictions at the negotiation table," the head of Kharkov Regional Council Sergey Chernov reported.

According to his statement, which was published on January 20 on the official website of the Regional Council, the forceful solution of the political problems has never ended up successfully. "The politicians of the opposition, who fan the flames of the public resentment and begin to lose control of what is happening, calling on the forceful overthrow of the constitutional order, should realize that they bear more responsibility than those who responded to their calls and stepped over the line and violated the law," S. Chernov noted.

He appealed to the representatives of the opposition to stop unnecessary bloodshed and start negotiations with the representatives of the government. "I appeal with the call to put aside all the political ambitions and personal selfish motives and guided by common sense and concern for the future of millions of people, who live in Ukraine, to accept the proposal of the President of Ukraine to sit down at the negotiating table and stop encouraging people for violence and take them away from the streets," the head of the Regional Council stated.

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