The government supporters in Mariinskiy park demand to stop the revolution

Several thousand supporters of the Party of Regions gathered in Mariinskiy park and demand "to stop the revolution in Ukraine".

The people are arriving to the even in organized columns. The hold tablets with names of different regions of Ukraine in their hands.

There are many soldiers of the internal troops of Ukraine at the territory of the park, as well as several paddy wagons.

On January 19 the participants of the rally at Maidan Nezalezhnosti marched into a face-off with the law enforcers by throwing stones, petards and burning flares at them. The clashes resulted in the protesters burning several buses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and military vehicle URAL. The law enforcers in their turn used stun grenades, tear gas and water cannons. The confrontation has been going on for two days already.

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