Political extremists are considered to be the main enemies of the Ukrainian statehood in the Crimea

The chair of the Supreme Council of the Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov during the solemn session dedicated to the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea Day in Simferopol stated that today the main enemies of the Ukrainian statehood are "political extremists, dreaming of subordinating the entire Ukraine to their will."

"Isn’t it obvious that the most terrible enemies, destroying the foundation of the Ukrainian statehood, are not the mythical "Crimean separatists", but those people, who are shouting today "Glory to Ukraine!"?" Konstantinov noted.

The head of the parliament of the autonomy also added that one of the major threats to Ukraine are the actions of the radically set followers of the All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda.

"We will do our utmost, in order that this political force, which long ago put itself beyond the law by its extremist activities, is disbanded, and its leaders are brought to liability for their undermining and illegal activities," Konstantinov said.

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