The President called on people not to participate in mass disturbances

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych called on people not to participate in mass disturbances, accompanied by pogroms and arsons, as well as to avoid violence. The corresponding appeal to Ukrainian people is published on the official website of the Head of state.

"I appeal to you as to conscious citizens of our state, who understand well what threats for the Ukrainian society and the state internal conflicts, discord and confrontation bare. I ask you not to follow the people calling on violence, striving to provoke dissidence between the state and the society, intending to throw the Ukrainian people in the crucible of mass disturbances," the statement says.

The President also expressed his confidence that extremist activities, which are going on now in the capital, bear the threat not only to the residents of Kiev, but to the residents of the whole Ukraine.

Viktor Yanukovych called on people "to preserve our state, to increase its force, its authority and opportunities". In order to ensure public safety and to protect peaceful Ukrainian citizens, the guarantor of the Constitution is ready to make every effort and to use "all the legal and other stipulated by the laws of Ukraine methods."

"Only the peaceful way, hard work, the unity of the people, and our purposefulness to build high living standards for people in Ukraine will lead us to success. The war, destruction, violence will destroy Ukraine," the President of Ukraine emphasized.

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