Alexey Lokhvitskiy: alley cats are mastering the Net

The time of the roadside hookers is already gone; most of the alley cats are actively opening up the Internet, where they may easily and without a risk find a client. Women of easy virtue are perfecting the dating web sites and specialized "lustful" resources. Despite of the reassurances of the law enforcement officers that they have control over the electronic pages, none of them was closed, and the ladies are detained again and again during the police raids not wishing to leave the "profession".

The popularity of the sphere of sexual services is spinning up in Ukraine, and its "workers" adapt to somewhat harsh, but quite convenient easy reality. Of course, our girls may only envy the German or Dutch puttanas: they have neither trade unions, nor the seniority pensions, nor the legitimate activity. Although, comparing to the 90s, they do not need to go to the streets and to suffer in scalding sun or to survive in the severe frosts. In the digital era it is enough to publish a message in the Internet and to wait for a call.

You may not get the information about the volume of this industry neither by yourself, nor find out from the competent authorities, as they may give only approximate numbers, which are dependent on the efficiency of their work. Maximum that the publicity and the journalists may get to know is the number of the registered administrative offenses, to which the prostitution refers according to the legislation.  But the number of the girls and the amount of money, which circulate in the industry, is crystal-ball gazing.

I managed to talk to the head of the anti-human trafficking department of the Crimea police Andrey Chepil, and before I managed to talk to several puttanas from Simferopol, and prior to that I surfed dozens of web-based resources that are used for advertising "morsel". Yes, one cannot judge about the situation in the country having checked one region, but one can imagine the overall picture, if to project what is happening on each region of the country. Moreover, the autonomy is a specific region, where any insignificant event draws attention of the whole Ukraine. And there are dozens of stories, invented by the journalists without official confirmation. According to one of them, invented by the journalist of the newspaper The First Crimean, not less than 500,000 prostitutes attend the resort during the holiday season, which is one angel of love for every ten holiday-makers.

They are neither scared, nor embarrassed

So, annually 500 - 700 women are brought to administrative liability for prostitution in the Crimea, 600 protocols were drawn up by November 2013 (and it is unlikely that this index increased significantly in two months).   10 facts of human trafficking and 75 cases of distribution of pornography were revealed, 31 brothels were disclosed and 13 souteneurs were arrested as well. Prostitutes in such crimes are the direct participants of the events: they are either victims or witnesses.

"Recently we have closed the massage parlor, which provided sexual services for additional cost.  During the search one of the girls told the investigator for the camera: "Yes, I like sex, and it is wonderful if the men want to pay for it." The girl crossed the line of morality, stopped distinguishing immoral things, and is not ashamed of the opinion of the people surrounding her and of the relatives. And what is most important that she is not afraid of the liability!" Andrey Chepil resented.

In general, prostitutes place advertisements on the topical web sites, where they may openly communicate. The price is 600 - 1,000 UAH per one hour. The law enforcement officers work with the resources, however, they cannot close them as they are registered not in Ukraine but abroad. The ladies, who use such portals, are tracked; all of them have already been drawn to liability for prostitution.

"The arrest of a prostitute begins with a call under the guise of a customer, and then a woman arrives at the agreed place, where she is shown the service certificates and the police draw a protocol. To impose a fine it is enough to have the print out of the advertisement from the web site with the phone number, explanations of the arrested woman (although they often refuse to talk) and testimony of the witnesses," Andrey Chepil said.

Easy money draws in

I managed to talk to one of such girls.   She lives in a standardized, mass-produced five-storey apartment block. A dark corridor, where light penetrates through the glass paneled door of the living-room. The kitchen is lit with a dim bulb, water for coffee is boiling on the gas-stove in a metal cup, and there is a dirty floor-cloth near the fridge. There are mobile phones, two packs of cigarettes and a dirty ashtray on the small table next to the window.  Masha is a pretty eighteen-year-old blond, dressed in a short striped sleeveless dress.

The entrance door is opened and her friend rushes into the kitchen and interrupts perky: "Why are you sitting here?! Two more men are scheduled in an hour; we need to finish by that time."

Masha is new in the "profession": she feels embarrassed about the "profession", and about herself and about the straight interview. Apparently, the conveyor did not draw her into, but the heartless words are learned by heart. She finished the medical secondary school, and wanted to enter the medical university, but she did not pass the exams. She does not like medicine, but loves jurisprudence. But you need money to enter the law department. Meanwhile, she works like this, but the next year she will try to enter the university again. Maybe she will find another job.

"I am from Kremenchug, but I like warm places. I love heat, that is why I came to the peninsula," Masha explains lighting a cigarette. "I charge 600 UAH for one hour of the meeting and 1,000 UAH for two hours. Why am I doing it? Perhaps, it is a common excuse, but the circumstances forced me into it. Some clients ask me out for a date, and I do not refuse, because it is good to go out and to have fun. Herewith, the guys treat me as their girlfriend and do not feel embarrassed.  Moreover, they do not tell anybody about me. We'll see what will be next: perhaps, I will marry a client. I'm just kidding. Maybe I will meet a god guy, but I will conceal my past from him.  Although, you see, easy money and easy life draw in.

A guy rents his girlfriend

The more smart prostitutes, take orders on the dating web sites:  they post questionnaires and photos, and in the section "Purpose of acquaintance" indicate "sex". 30 out of 150 checked by me girls offer sexual services for money charging from 400 up to 2,500 UAH for a meeting, which may last for hours. Ladies do not only advertise themselves, but also offer sincere details of their personal life. So, a 20-year-old "Bunny" confessed that she renders sexual services, together with her boyfriend, and if need she may be alone, but you need to agree it with her boyfriend...

To catch the girls on the web site a fake profile of a man is created and the chatting is started. When the suspect informs that she provides sexual services for money, and gives her phone number, she is invited to the police, where the educational conversation is held with her.

"These girls are easier to make stop doing it. More often they are involved in prostitution for the first time and are trying to avoid publicity concerning their offenses. As a rule, the penalty is limited to a warning, and she deletes her profile for sure. She understands that we control her," Andrei Chepil assured. "However, currently prostitutes learned to defend themselves, by using the right for the lawyer. When we catch them and check the documents, we find the business card of a lawyer in the passport. We should call the lawyer; otherwise no one will talk to us. "

Views: to execute or to forgive

At the same time, I talked to the spiritual leaders, the smart people, who understand the issues, with which I came to them.  For example, the deputy head of spiritual administration of the Muslims of the  Crimea Aider Ismailov warned about the danger of the sin of the sex trade, which separates the a person from God, each religion stipulates punishment for prostitutes; even since the ancient times puttanas were thrown with stones. In fact, he believes that the current punishment in Ukraine for prostitution (a fine of up to 510 UAH) should become stricter, but the legislation experts and sociologists should decide to what extent. From the point of view of the law, including the Islamic one, the punishment should stop people repeating the offense.  Answering the question "Did the time of throwing with stones pass?" Aider Ismailov replied evasively: "It is difficult to answer..." But called on not to legitimize prostitution, as it was done in Europe or America, and recommended to name those, who used the services of puttanas: if two people are involved in the process, they should both be brought to liability. If there will be no demand, there will be no proposals.

And Metropolitan Lazar, heading the Simferopol and  Crimean eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy), is sure:  the most effective way to combat prostitution is the struggle with sin in the soul of a person. People should pay close attention to the moral education of their children and to the revival of the institution of the Orthodox family.

But the position of the candidate of medical sciences, sexologist and andrologist Andrey Lubarskiy provoked real interest (his speech may be easily converted into performance-monologue, which will gather full house): the sex trade does not go beyond the limits of the naturally created human society, but violates the boundaries of the artificially created public morality.

"There is a serious evolution and biological, historical and cultural background for prostitution (exchange of sex for money). There are programs, which people may have on the genetic level, and, which affect the behavior and it is useless to fight them," the doctor explained. "The social machine began to struggle seriously with freedom and sexuality of women in the time when patriarchate began to rule in the society. Because of the concerns about sex and about the fact that a woman may get pregnant not from him, the male ego made a requirement concerning polygamy: he may, and she may not. In fact, if he is involved in prostitution, he will unlikely be condemned: he is a hero. There is the same behavior in the same society, but there are two different morals.

According to the doctor, the persecution begins, when a person goes beyond the social framework of the way how to live and be happy, but they make him/her a convenient and manageable consumer.

"Prostitution is not the way to achieve happiness, but a state of inner freedom and studying the internal world by means of the archaic behavior. It was natural for a primitive man, and apparently had considerably more senses, than just a mechanical satisfaction of sexual needs," Andrey Lubarskiy stressed. "Now there are millions of people, living in the framework and according to the rules, dogma and stereotypes, and they have no happiness and smiles on their faces and in their souls. Thus, the existing morality is not entirely consistent with the truth and the essence of human existence.

The doctor stressed that politicians limited in knowledge, in outlook and in variability of mind often fight against prostitution. The history remembers such wars, but no one ever managed to win the sex trade. This is a part of evolution, and the women prone to sex industry, will never varnish.

"Adolf Hitler murdered all the madmen for the sake of "cleanliness of the race", but after the Second World War the percentage of mentally ill people recovered in Germany," Andrey Lubarskiy reasoned. "Often on behalf of morality, condemning sex and naked body, the people without happiness and smiles on their faces speak. They are affected by sexual problems, trying to boost their ego: I am struggling with the problem; I am good, happy and moral. The people, who are struggling with sex, body, sex industry, have sexual disorders, those, who have no problems with love and sex, just rejoice and enjoy life, and do not prove anything to other people, and do not struggle. And those, who do not accept the sexuality of other people, who interfere with other people's sexual life, are 100% sexual problems.”

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