During Kiev riots the police had the right to shoot - the Interior Ministry

During yesterday's riots, police had the right to use firearms.

Oleg Matveytsov, head of the Public and Sports Events Directorate at the Interior Ministry, said that this is provided for in Article 12 of the Law of Ukraine "On Militia".

“Article 12 of the Law of Ukraine “On Militia” clearly indicates that in the case of an attack on a group of police officers that threatens their lives and health, law enforcers have the right to use firearms,” said the representative of the Interior Ministry.

According to him, yesterday the police acted not as tough as they could, given the situation. Only the means of active defense used during the duty for the protection of public order was used in respect of those who were actively engaged in illegal actions. In particular, tear gas, special means for shooting rubber non-lethal bullets and stun grenades.

The head of Public and Sports Events Directorate also noted that yesterday water cannons were used only to put out the fires.

“Since the protesters came to the European Square with incendiary fluids, flares and other fireworks, torched official police cars and other objects, law enforcers had to use water cannons to extinguish the fire stop it from spreading,” said the official.

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