Management of Kiev Art Museum asks the protesters to spare the building

Management of the National Art Museum of Ukraine appealed to the authorities and the opposition demanding to refrain from actions that threaten the museum building.

The information is based on the open letter of the staff of the National Art Museum located on the Hrushevskoho Street.

In particular, the museum workers appeal to the President, Prime Minister and the Government of Ukraine, as well as to the representatives of the opposition and civil society, requesting to refrain from any actions that threaten the museum building - architectural monument of national importance and a unique collection of Russian fine art, widely known in the world.

“Given the scale and seriousness of the danger that threatens the museum because of the escalating civil conflict and continuing clashes in the vicinity of the museum, we urge all parties of the civil conflict: remember of the responsibility for preserving the cultural heritage of the state. And refrain from willful or accidental actions that may damage the museum and the surrounding territory,” reads the letter.

Also, the employees ask to provide joint assistance to museum staff in performance of their duties.

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