Kharkov-based Tonnelstroy wins a contract for metro station construction project

“Specialized Construction Management Tonnelstroy” (Kharkov) won an open tender for the construction of “Pobeda” metro station on the third line of Kharkov subway. The bidding was announced and managed by the municipal enterprise Kharkov Subway Construction Directorate”. Contract with the winner of the tender was signed on January 10. The cost of the project is calculated at UAH 324,551,800 (the funds are allocated from the state and local budgets), duration of the contract - from December 2013 to July 2014.

The list of works includes the construction of halls, pedestrian exits, ventilation, sewage, water and power supply. The project includes a CCTV system for 35 cameras, as well as landscaping of the adjacent territory. The money will also go towards street lighting and a kilometer-long drainage system.

Pobeda metro station will be the 30th station of Kharkov subway and is located at the intersection of Pobedy Avenue and Ludvik Svoboda Avenue. It will be the terminal station of Alekseevskaya Line. Pobeda station will serve Alexeevka residential areas and adjacent clusters of Dergachyovsky district with a population of over 300,000 people. The distance between stations "Alexeevskaya" and “Pobeda" stations is 1.14 km. Planned average daily passenger traffic at the “Pobeda” station is about 40,000 people. The station was planned for construction back in 2009, but the project was postponed due to the lack of funds. Now the station is scheduled for completion in 2014.

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