Kharkov to welcome the Festival of young composers and performers

The “Days of New Music” 2nd Festival of young composers and performers will take place at the Kotlyarevsky’s Kharkov National University of Arts from February 20 to 26. The festival schedules performances by Ukrainian and foreign musicians, round tables, workshops, exhibitions and performances, reports the official website of the University.

The venue will open with a concert dedicated to Poland musical culture. The baton of Patricia Pechary, conductor of Poznan Grand theatre, will present the premieres of works written under “Gaude Polonia” scholarships of Minister of Culture of Poland - Symphony No 2 by Ivan Pakhota and the Piano Concerto by Yelena Shevchenko.

During the festival, in particular, there will be a concert and a master class by notebooks band “Elektri4ka” (Austria), presentation of piano works by US composer George Crumb, and an exhibition of works by young artists from Lviv. The festival will finish with theatre production by Kharkov composer Vera Ibryamova.

The first Festival for young composers and performers “Days of New Music” was held in 2012. The project aims to strengthen cultural ties and help creative communication between the organizers and participants of the contemporary music festivals held in Ukraine and other countries.

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