The result of the night: 200 victims and 3 million damages

More than 70 law enforcement officers suffered during the confrontation, which happened on today’s night and in the morning in Kiev, 49 of them are at the hospital.

The press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) informs that the officers of the MVD were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries, bruises, fractures and poisoning with unknown substances.

The press-services of Kiev City State Administration and of the MVD informed that the total number of victims from both sides was more than 200 people.

The UNIAN news agency informs that, according to the director of the Department of Healthcare of Kiev City State Administration Vitaliy Mokharev, the palm of one of the victims was amputated; the eyeballs of three other victims were eliminated.

The press-secretary of the MVD of Ukraine Sergey Burlakov on air of the TV channel 112 informed that as a result of the clashes in Hrushevskogo Street the losses of the MVD comprised about 3 million UAH.

The demonstrators burned down six machines of the law enforcement authorities: four buses and two trucks. Moreover, they set on fire the car VAZ-2110.

"In addition, the ticket office of Lobanovskiy Stadium practically burned down. All the pavement blocks were removed. The losses will be significant," Burlakov said.

The MVD opened a criminal case on the article "the massive unrest". About 20 people are already detained, 9 of them are under examination according to the mentioned article.

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