50 policemen injured in street clashes in Kiev

About 50 law enforcers with head injuries, fractures were taken to hospital after the riots in Kiev, informs Interior Ministry.

“Already 49 law enforcers have been hospitalized <...> they are diagnosed with closed head injuries, fractures, bruises and poisoning with unknown substances,” says the statement.

The Ministry also notes that the riots are continuing for more than ten hours.

“Stones, fireworks, firebombs are constantly thrown towards the law-enforcement officers,” informs the Ministry.

Clashes in the central Kiev on Hrushevskoho Street began on Sunday after the eighth national Council. When speeches were over, part of the protesters went on to break the cordon of the police officers who were guarding the government district. Protesters used sticks, paving stones, threw "Molotov cocktails", set fire to several buses and partially broke through the cordon. Police used water cannons. 10 attackers were arrested.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych instructed Andrei Klyuev, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, to establish a working group for resolving the political crisis.

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