The vice-governor of Odessa advocated dispersal of the protesters with application of force

The vice-governor of Odessa region Alexandr Orlov believes that the demonstrators in Kiev need to be dispersed:  the law enforcement authorities should respond adequately to what is happening. Orlov expressed such opinion on January 20 at the meeting in the Regional State Administration.

"What is happening in Kiev currently is absolutely unacceptable. These events are provoked by those, who did not manage to fulfill their political ambitions," the Otkat cites the official.

Orlov considers that the demonstrators are shaking the civil peace in the country that is why the law enforcement authorities should response adequately: to disperse the protesters, as it was done, for example, by the German police with the demonstrators during the attempt of capturing of the building in Hamburg. Orlov gave as the example the laws of the USA, according to which a police officer has the right to apply service gun even if he is just pushed, not to mention what is happening in Kiev.

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