Protesters on Hrushevskoho do not respond to Klitchko, dousing him instead

Vitali Klitchko urged not to fight the "Berkut" riot police on Hrushevskoho St., getting in response shouts “Shame!” The opposition leader was doused with a fire extinguisher.

Klitchko was the only opposition leader who came to the protesters on the Hrushevskoho street. He was at the location last evening, before the clashes have started. The video clearly shows Klitchko trying to persuade people not to fight with the police and clearly indicating that they will “get a thump on the head”. In response, he is asked to take responsibility for the situation in the country and to lead the nation. His fuzzy answer does not satisfy people - they are chanting “Shame!” Klitchko was doused with a fire extinguisher. The video was distributed by “Public Television” and “New Region” media sources.

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