The Ministry of Internal Affairs: the protesters are being armed on Euromaidan

The commandants of Euromaidan, in the person of the people's deputies of Ukraine from the opposition, arm the self-defense squadrons.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), the aggressively set people are given two-meter wooden sticks with metal tips on them on Maidan Nezalejnosti.

"These sticks are dangerous cold weapons, which they are going to apply for injuring the law enforcement officers. The people's deputies, hiding behind their inviolability, actually push people to commit crimes," the MVD noted.

The law enforcement officers noted that the Criminal Code of Ukraine qualifies such actions as the establishment of the militarized or armed forces, which are not stipulated by the government, (article 260) and the organization of mass disturbances (article 294) and, as instigators, classifies them as the accomplices of these crimes.

According to the law enforcement officers, currently the police detained more than 20 participants of mass disturbances in Kiev, 9 of them were detained procedurally in the framework of the criminal case, which was opened according to the article 294 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (massive unrest).

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