Eduard Limonov: It is a mockery to call the protests in Kiev "peaceful"

Russian political figure and writer Eduard Limonov called a mockery the words of the US National Security Council Spokesperson Caitlin Hayden that "peaceful" protests were going on in Kiev as well as that if special service units were not pulled out from the capital of Ukraine, Americans would impose sanctions.

Limonov wrote on his LiveJournal page that had similar events taken place not in Kiev, but in the USA, the finale would have been quite different.

"For those, who saw (and all the world could see it on yesterday night) what kind of "peaceful" protest they had in Kiev, the words of the baggage (Hayden - Ed.) sound like a mockery. If something like that were going on at Washington streets, the national guards would have been firing all cannons, machine guns and tomahawks at "peaceful" guys of American Tyagnibok (let's imagine) and the body count would have been thousands, not even hundreds" wrote Limonov.

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