There is dissidence among the leaders of Automaidan

The leaders of Automaidan called on the protesters to avoid violence; most of them are not present on the place of the events in Hrushevskogo Street. Dmitry Bulatov, according to him, is plunging into the ice-hole, and Sergei Poyarkov is at his dentist.

"We have different point of views about some things.  Me, Bulatov and Andrei Tilyazhenko are dead set against any bloodshed, we are against the attacks on the representatives of law enforcement bodies and we categorically do not cooperate with the people in the masks. We did not call on people to go to Hrushevskogo Street, but tried to convince other participants of Automaidan and other citizens to resist the provocations of the government. Even this morning, we didn't have plans to go to Hrushevskogo Street and to break the cordons; no one agreed it with us," Sergey Poyarkov said.

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