At the «Green week» in Berlin Ukrainian agricultural products were presented

In the German capital, the 79-th annual exhibition-fair «Green Week» came, where Ukraine presented its agricultural products. The products of the Ukrainian manufacturers as representatives of the Eastern Europe were of special interest to visitors. Good feedback was received by the Ukrainian meat and dairy, flour, confectionery products, and also wine, liquor, beer and beverage.

The exposition of the Ukrainian stand was highly appreciated by the Federal Minister of food agriculture Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich.

«Ukraine, being one of the largest agricultural producers in the world, deservedly takes part in this exhibition. Ukraine demonstrates the great variety of products in different directions, characterized by high quality. We are very pleased to welcome your state at our festival,» said Hans Peter Friedrich.

The Minister of agrarian policy of Ukraine Alexander Sen noted the importance of participation in such international events, commenting: «This is a place for meetings of heads of agricultural departments of almost all countries of the world. This event is important to Ukraine, too. It was very hard to present a huge number of various products, which are produced in Ukraine. So this year we have focused not on quantity, but on quality».

In addition to agrarian production, Ukraine showed works of folk culture: national clothes, utensils, elements of everyday life.

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