Tonight WBC President Jose Sulaiman died

Jose Sulaiman, the President of the World Boxing Council died at the age of 82 years in Los Angeles, California, the USA. Jose Sulaiman, a boxer himself, became the leader of the boxing organization. For forty years, Jose Sulaiman managed the WBC, it resulted in including his name in the Guinness Book of records. WBC exists for 54 years now.

When Suleiman was elected a leader of the WBC, only 23 countries were involved. For forty years Jose Sulaiman made much for development of boxing, made it popular in 164 countries of the world. Sulaiman was called the «father of Boxing».

A friend of Jose Sulaiman, the Ukrainian champion Vladimir Klitschko wrote in his personal page on Facebook: «the body is gone, but the heart and soul of his will always be in our memories and thoughts. The death of Jose Sulaiman is a great loss for the boxing world. I will always be grateful for his support in my career. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time. Rest in peace, Don Jose».

According to Mauricio Sulaiman, son of the dead WBС President, the cause of death of the father was a progressive disease of the heart.

Now the powers of the President WBC will move to his son Mauricio Sulaiman.

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