Approved by Ukrainian parliament laws violate all OSCE and the EU norms - US Secretary of State

The laws that were adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on January 16 and are now signed by President Viktor Yanukovych are anti-democratic and wrong, stated US Secretary of State John Kerry.

The US politician believes that these laws violate all norms of the OSCE and the EU. The US are concerned in this regard and intend to monitor the situation.

"We believe deeply that the people of Ukraine want to affiliate and want to be associated with Europe and they want to turn in that direction. And the steps that were taken yesterday are anti-democratic, they’re wrong, they are taking from the people of Ukraine their choice and their opportunity for the future," quotes Kerry Ukrinform news agency.

On January 17, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara stated that Ukrainian side is concerned by comments of officials from certain foreign states and international institutions regarding the work of the Ukraine’s parliament. They are treated by Kiev as interference in the internal affairs of the state.

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