Foreign officials too nosy in the case of Ukraine - Foreign Minister

Ukrainian side is concerned by comments of officials from certain foreign states and international institutions regarding the work of the Ukraine’s parliament. In Kiev this is seen as interference in the internal affairs of the state, announced Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara at a meeting with US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette and Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Ambassador Ian Tombinski on January 17.

At the meeting, foreign ambassadors were told about the legislative activity of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, with a special focus on the 16 January’s adoption of a series of legislative acts very important for the proper life support of the country, reports press service of the Foreign Ministry.

During the meeting, Kozhara urged the diplomats to make maximum objective and balanced assessments of internal processes in the Ukraine, asking to avoid unilateral declarations that do not correspond to the real situation. He noted that while the opposition is breaking the law by blocking the administrative buildings and preventing work of the Ukrainian parliament, the authorities approves the laws aimed at implementation in Ukrainian legislation of a number of standards that already exist in the most European states and comply with internationally accepted democratic standards and international practices.

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