Ballot vote for Kiev City Council can be held after the Presidential elections, City Mayor reckons

Acting head of Kiev City Administration Anatoly Holubchenko said that elections to the City Council could be held in 2015.

"I do not see any problems to hold elections in the 2015 fall. Calmly, after the Presidential election. After all, there is the court's decision, the City Council is legitimate until the next election date," said Holubchenko in an interview to UNIAN news agency when answering the question on calling an election of Kiev Mayor soon.

"The issue we have today is single - political - and the question lies in the political arena. If the authority is so sweet that when fighting for it, the theme of City Council elections is used as a mechanism for struggle, than this will continue," said Holubchenko.

He also suggested that by the end of the month deputies of the current City Council will be able to approve the city budget, though the intrigue remains as to just what session format will be used.

"Let's see, so far we have not thought on this issue. When Galina Gerega (Secretary of the Kiev City Council - Ed.) comes to work, we will consult and this issue will be solved," said Holubchenko.

“I do not think anyone will prevent us from holding a meeting or adopting the budget. I am sure that prudence will win. The budget should be, this applies to three million, people of Kiev, if not more,” he stressed.

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