The opposition more blocked the parliament than worked - the Speaker

Chairman of the Ukraine’s parliament Volodymyr Rybak will insist on continuation of negotiations between the political forces to overcome the crisis in the state.

"I will insist to continue negotiations, to overcome the crisis," said Rybak in an interview.

Rybak noted that he repeatedly tried to find common ground with the opposition leaders for organizing a full-fledged work on reviewing the draft budget and addressing the issues that, according to opposition leaders, are the priority. However, all the talks, he said, ended in opposition’s failure to agree to continue the work.

“Unfortunately, the last few months the opposition more blocked the parliament than worked," said the head of the parliament.

He also recalled that on Thursday, before the plenary meeting, the representatives of the opposition factions blocked the exit from the Speaker’s cabinet. Volodymyr Rybak is convinced that under these conditions the First Vice-Speaker was forced to and had the right to preside over the parliamentary meeting, and the procedure for approving the legislation was lawful.

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