Web sites will be blocked for copyright infringement in Ukraine

Service for web-hosting intend to block access to the web sites for copyright infringement. The relevant draft law «On amendments to some legislative acts on the protection of copyright and related rights on the Internet» has been prepared.

Infringement notification is sufficient to block the site by the provider. The applicant shall send certified by the notary screenshot of a web page, and if the user of the site can’t provide evidence about the absence of a violation, hosting provider after three days has the right to block the site.

Consideration on the Infringement notification will be made by the commission on a paid basis. The payment will be charged on holder and the owner of the resource. Additional checks to determine the authenticity of the application provider are not indicated.

The idea of blocking the sites proposed by the State intellectual property service (SIPS), is not supported by the Ukrainian public organization «Wikimedia».

«The bill contradicts the principles of the presumption of the author proved in Article 435 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (CCU), the principle of judicial protection of civil rights and interests which Article 1 of the CCU states, the principle of equal protection of the rights of the subjects of the property right noticed by the Article 386 of the CCU. In addition, the use of signature or notarially certified physical signature makes significant difficulties in responding to the statement,» Yuri Bulka, a member of the Board of NGO «Wikimedia», said.

A similar experiment in the regulation of the Russian Ru.net service was not successful.

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