Kharkov’s Pushkin Theater to stage a premiere by Agatha Christie crime stories

Kharkov’s Pushkin Russian Drama Theater prepares the premiere performance of "The Mousetrap" based on the works of the British writer Agatha Christie, informed on January 10, Honored Artist Anatoly Kubantsev, theater art director. According to him, rehearsals are now in full swing – in March the theater will show the play to the audience. The crime story is shown in many theaters around the world, but the Pushkin theater did not have this play, or any other plays based on the works of Christi, in its program.

Kubantsev noted that seven actors of the troupe would be engaged in the play, to be directed by the regular theater director Anatoly Vencer. “It is hard to say what other premiers the theater will prepare in 2014 as we have no theater director – I perform some of his functions while also remaining an actor. We invite theater directors from other theaters, they offer their plays, and we select the ones that suit the theater. For example, we had plans to work with the director from Sevastopol, but they did not materialize. Currently we’re negotiating with one of Kharkov-based theater directors, we plan to start working with him in early April," said Kubantsev.

According to him, the theater is looking for theater director, but so far, such person has not been found. He also said that the troupe is fully staffed, and this year the theater was able to take on only one new actor. "We want to attract the audience by quality directing and acting rather than by provocative performances," said Kubantsev.

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