"Queen of Crimea" has been crowned (PHOTO)

Simferopol hosted a regional stage of national television project "Queen of Ukraine." The "Queen of the Crimea" beauty contest become a platform where 17 attractive females from the peninsula fought for the title of the most attractive woman.

The final of the beauty contest was spectacular and filled with the music. Girls were coming out dressed as autoracers, the tasters, or the chess pieces, demonstrated their singing talents and embroidered with sequins swimwear designed by Julia Geleverya, one of the judges.

Geleverya and 8 members of the jury, including the president of the national TV project "Queen of Ukraine" Natalia Kovaleva, silver medalist of the European Cup on hairdressing Yuri Yushchenko, 1st Vice Miss Model of the World Angelica Pomyatun, Crimea Culture Minister Alain Plakida and others chose 4 runners-up and two beauty queens, “Queen of the Crimea International” and the winner of the regional stage of the “Queen of Ukraine” beauty contest. Alexandra Kovalenko won the first title; the second went to Victoria Zabelina.

The jury elected Alena Guralnick as 4th Vice-Queen of the Crimea, Angelina Salnikova – as 3rd, Xenia Antonenko – as 2nd; Lina Talyupa became the first Vice Miss Crimea.

In 2014, 24 girls representing 24 regions of Ukraine will compete in Ukrainian beauty contest, said Natalia Kovaleva, the president of the TV project “Queen of Ukraine”, awarding crowns to the beauties.

“In Crimea, we had a quota of three people. But you can always get around the rules and we increased the quota. Thus, the Crimea will be represented by five runners-up from the regional stage,” shared Kovaleva the good news.

Alexandra Kovalenko, the “Crimean Queen International”, who was a favorite of the audience throughout the show, will take part in the contest "Miss Model of the World 2014".

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